Background of Remedial Massage


 Great for the soul.


Massage therapy treatment is underrated in the health services and has been around for a very long time. It has been around since the Egyptian days and in Chinese history going back centuries. 


Known to promote blood flow ; massage can increase healing localised to the area affected by tightnes, soreness and pain. When you speak to the practitioner and seek help with your ailments physcially, this in turn relieves stress mentally as well.   

Clients feel reassured that they are being looked after. Massage helps them feel better as it is the process of human touch which developes into reassurance from practitioner to you.


. Conversation with the practitoner and the client helps with understanding what needs to be done to achieve a positive outcome for the you.

Gathering information verbally and physically which in turn helps the massage process. Therapy treatment helps with soreness, tightness and pain in the body.


Positivity is brought into the equation from a practitoner's point of view and empowers the client. You will leave feeling fantastic with a great mindset that you have been cared for.


Relaxation massage is used in the process of helping people with depression and anxiety. This is done by slow gliding soft pressure which helps move blood around the body and bring the body to calmness and tranquility. 


Servicing Ocean Grove, Queenscliffe, Point Lonsdale, Drysdale, Portarlington, Barwon Heads and local surrounds in the Bellarine. The clinic of Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is in St Leonards and can travel to you as well via mobile massage. 

Massage for headache
Massage for headache