Massage for cyclists

Illiotibial band massage - band on the side of the leg between knee and hip.

Lying on your side with a foam roller on the side of your hip roll up the foam roller so the roller rolls towards the knee. You should notice the tightness become aching and more prevalent due to the tightness in the area between the hip and knee. A visit to a massage therapist will help ease this tension as well. A massage therapist shall put you in a side lying position with the knee over a support so it is lying over the opposite leg though not being inhibited by the opposite leg. The massage therapist will then slowly work from the knee going up towards the hip using enough pressure that is not going to have you jumping of the table in agonising pain. 
Illiotibial band for cyclists is used commonly due to the position of cyclists being crouched and having to pedal for a prolonged period of time. Forcing the hip to work strenuously.
It's important to stretch the band as well so that it doesn't tighten up afterwards from a cycling ride. The Illiotibial band has muscles attached to it, so it is beneficial to stretch the muscles in the hip region and with close vicinity of the band going towards the knee,ie,hamstrings and quadriceps.
Take your time in stretching the band and muscles so it is encompassing the purpose of the stretch to help release tension in the Illiotibial band.   

massage of the tissue between the hip and knee
Self massage of the tissue between the hip and knee
Remedial massage of the hamstrings
Remedial massage of the hamstrings

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