Releasing Nerves in Massage Practice

Recently I attended a two day course in Neural Fascial Mobilizatoin. Meaning - nerve (neural), fascial(tissue) mobilisation. I am writing this in a form of everyday writing so it's not in an academic context. There is a lot of debate about what a massage therapist can and cannot do in the health science field. Many people take medication to cure, massage helps to prevent so that the body does not become reliant on medication.

Releasing nerves is about allowing the nerve in the nervous system to have a clear pathway of movement. A nerve can be hindered by tight tissue or muscle or our self conscious is holding on to the nerve and keeping it from having a free flowing signal. This could be from the body being aware that it needs to look after itself, though the body can hold onto messages too strongly. Releasing nerves is about evoking the nerve so it senses that it can move freely, not provoking the nerve so it becomes inflamed.

I attended a two day course taught by Steven Goldstein in Geelong at the Victorian Fitness Academy this year in April ; was a great learning experience. Nerve tissue mobilisation course was a terrific learning experience of how the body works as a whole - not as one. Massage is learning and having tricks in your bag that you can use depending on the client. Nerve tissue is gently, softly, evoking the nerve so that it can learn to release. When the nerve is released it is amazing how the body section becomes so relaxed ; due to the nerve having an easier path to travel through the body without restriction.

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