How massage can help heel & foot pain

Inflammation of the heel / bottom of the foot - plantar fasciitis


Inflammation of the heel can feel like a dull pain, throbbing pain, sharp pain or dull ache.  Plantar fascia is the long ligament in the bottom of the foot. Usually inflammation occurs when the posture is leaning inside - going internally. Small tears can occur on the bottom of the foot on the ligament. This can make life difficult as we need our feet to walk, run, etc - daily living.  Common help for heel inflammation (plantar fasciitis) is stretching, icing, heel lifts, supportive shoes, orthotics, night splints. 

Massage for the heel to foot step ligament - inflammation of the ligament - firstly lengthen and stretch the calf muscles. As the calf muscles can become tight and pull on the ligament under the foot. Massage therapist can stretch and lengthen the calf muscle using different massage and osteopathic treatments.
Massage therapist can then work on stretching, lengthening the foot ligament by slowly working into the foot from the heel towards the foot step.
Massage therapist will then work on both the calf muscle and the foot ligament to bring fluid (blood) to the area to promote healing. 

Remember that it's a progression of healing - so  you need to do stretching and be aware of your posture.     

Massage of the foot
Massage of the foot

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