Massage—The reason why I chose it!

Why I chose to help people with ailments 🙂 

 Hi, having studied massage in 2016, I thought it was now about time to explain the reason why I chose to help people with ailments. Being a person that enjoys helping others, I knew it was just a progression in life itself. In the past twelve years I have been working in the welfare/social field and thought that by helping people in a holistic manner I could develop my skills further by learning and practicing massage. 

A lot of science looks at the body in parts and pieces. If you are hurting in your back or arm or leg—yes, one does grab onto that area with loudness explaining that it hurts, though the facial expression comes with a twist and agony showing strong emotion—this is how we present our pain/soreness. Touch from one person to another brings emotion in a positive manner and presents an understanding that the person with aches/soreness/pain understands that the massage therapist is there to help them. 

Slowly the expression of agony diminishes on the person as they realise the massage therapist understands their pain and is helping them with their ailments. The massage therapist listens to their body with touch, helping them feel better.

It brings me a sense of gratitude and honour to help alleviate a client's pain.

If you're in pain at this present time, click here to book in with me now.

Massage clinic room
Massage clinic room

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