Hip Massage

Massage for the hips can be difficult as we are not sure why our hips can be aching and in pain. Humans were not made to sit down on chairs all day, at an office desk, or watching television.
The hip joint does well with massage. Massage promotes blood flow to the area of the hip and increases pliability in the joint so it can move more freely. Tight muscles do well with massage in the hip region as it allows for joint movement, the hip joint is not only ball and socket though it has fluid to keep the joint pliable. Less movement, less pliability.
Muscles that are tight in the hip can restrict movement thus causing posture issues that can affect the whole body. A great way to self massage is to use a foam roller. Roll over the hip slowly, releasing the muscles/band on the side of the thigh. One can also use a spikey ball the size of tennis ball under the buttock, rolling the spikey ball around the buttock where you can feel tightness in your buttock muscles. Rolling on the front of your hips with the spikey ball softens muscles just above your thigh.
Stretching exercises for the quadriceps and hamstrings and deep gluteus muscles can help lengthen muscles in the hip as well. Thus allowing for improved posture, less stress on the hip.
Hips were made to be used constantly and consistently. Attached below is a youtube tutorial regarding the hip which is great listening.


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