Queenscliff Massage Therapist

Queenscliff Massage Therapist

Physical therapy is part of massage, it includes longitudinal strokes of the body to release fascia where the peripheral nervous system lives to allow muscles to release. Palpatory exploration which is touching you in a scientific manner to find the parts of the body which are not moving freely. Joint mobilization techniques are used to allow the muscles to stretch without causing discomfort to you. Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is a believer in helping you feel radiant again. Working the whole body not just a specific location to bring light back into your life.

Remedial Massage :

Remedial Massage is scientifically known as trigger point therapy as the common term is 'knots' in the body,ie, sore sports or it feels like there are rocks in my body. Muscles get really tight. Trigger points feel like nodules and the science is that the therapist presses on the nodule/s to help soften the nodules to alleviate and help the nodule dissipate. In some people this can cause bruising so it is necessary for the therapist to be mindful and ask many questions to find out about any pre-existing injuries and health conditions. If a client has low blood pressure then the remedial massage therapist needs to be extra careful not to cause any bruising when pressing onto a trigger point or better still change the technique from trigger point therapy to a more holding and moving and stretching technique – fascia approach technique.

Therapeutic Massage :

Therapeutic Massage to the hands of a landscape gardener markedly and significantly improves blood flow which helps with release of metabolic waste from overuse of the hands from holding on to shovels, brush cutters and garden shears. Therapeutic massage also helps increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hands and helps settle the nervous system from concentration.

Gardening is an avid interest of many people and the hands can become very sore and tired from overuse of the hands in gardening. Pruning roses, trimming shrubs, digging in the vegetable plot. Therapeutic massage can help your hands by relieving sore muscles after you have been in the garden for a few weeks. Especially after Spring going into summer.

Relaxation Massage :

Relaxation Massage at Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is a place to visit if you want to relieve stress and tension and feel delightful and terrific and be your energetic self again. Relaxation massage is performed in the same direction of blood flow to help re-energise your body mentally, emotionally and physically. Relaxation massage is directed at removing stress and life pressures from your body and promotes stable and consistent quality of sleep. Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy will ask you questions concerning your life to gather the best techniques of relaxation massage for you. To help you de-stress, uplift your mood and for your overall health.

Sports Massage :

Sports Massage can be used in many different sports, tennis and golf particularly are known for tennis or golfers elbow. It causes pain inside your elbow which can spread to your forearm up to your wrists. People who repeatedly use their wrist or hand or forearm can develop this condition as well. Tennis elbow comes from the outside of the elbow while golf elbow comes from the inside – sports massage is similar for both. Cross friction massage is a technique when used properly can fasten the recovery time for healing for elbow tendonitis. Using the first and middle finger the massage therapist slowly and with some pressure using a moisturising cream so not to grip the skin ; applies the two fingers across just before elbow. Continues to go across the arm from near the elbow down to the hand. Massage therapist can do this as well going up the arm from the elbow to the shoulder. This will help with the tension of the elbow tendons.

Mobile Massage :

Mobile Massage is designed to help you in your home setting. If you have arrived home from hospital and have not been able to move much, remedial massage can come to you to help elongate tight muscles that have not been active. Mobile massage is here to promote blood flow, improve joint function, assist with headaches from stress and improve sleep.

Mobile massage can also be used to release muscle and joint tightness – massage therapist can take the body through a range of movements to help lengthen the body,ie, receiving an assisted stretch so that the body feels like it's been elongated without doing the physical activity.

Arriving at the clinic – Driving - From the Vue Grand Hotel on Hesse St/B110 drive along Hesse St , turn right onto King St/B110 – follow the road out of Queenscliff passing the Marine Discovery Center, onto the Bellarine Hwy. Driving up the Bellarine Hwy/B110 turn right onto Queenscliff Rd/C126. Drive 11 mins until you reach a roudabout – take the third right onto Murrudoc Rd towards St Leonards for 3.3 klms. Turn right onto Bluff Rd – left onto Mainsail Dr until you come near the end. 5 Mainsail Dr is on the right near the end of the Drive.

Parking – Ample parking on the street.

Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is passionate about providing you with quality care by using different methods of physical therapy massage practice. Helping you being positive and active in your life and being emotionally positive.

Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy helps with chronic conditions, neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches and migraines, upper and lower limb conditions, sporting and occupational injuries and postural correction.

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