Drysdale Massage Therapist

Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy strives to provide treatment specifically designed to help the customer. One of the first questions when asked to a customer is “in your own please state what are the issues with your body”. This allows the therapist to listen to the customer attentively as the question is directed to the you the customer so the therapist can prepare a treatment plan for the you the customer/client. The therapist at Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy strives to help your mind, body and soul.


Remedial Massage :

Following your Remedial Massage you will feel terrific as a treatment plan will be developed specific for your needs. Stating this the therapist is a qualified Remedial Massage practitioner that is able to change the treatment plan during the treatment if needed to help realign your posture and gait. At times the practitioner will be able to change the treatment from their sense of touch of the body to help the customer/client with their physical issue. Through the practitioner's sense of touch they will can pick up where you need extra treatment. The practitioner uses different physical techniques to assist you with your body issues to help you gain control back into your life.


Therapeutic Massage :

Therapeutic Massage is often used for hands and feet. Hands can suffer due to being used all day, ie, heavy lifting, kitchen work, holding and carrying baby, gardening. Women can often suffer from carrying their baby constantly and continually. During breastfeeding hands are used to hold baby. Hands are continually used during baby years of motherhood to massage, hold, feed and change baby. Therapeutic Massage is great to help soften and heal muscles in the hands. During the baby years of women being needed continually hands can be neglected. Therapeutic massage can do wonders to help reduce repetitive muscle use and relieve aches and pain.


Relaxation Massage :

Experience a Relaxation Massage for a deep sense of well-being and nurturing. Relaxation Massage is a gentler technique in massage practice used for stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is known to help soften the nervous system and for people that are having difficulty with life, ie, stress, trauma or grief. Relaxation Massage is formulated to improve blood circulation and vitality and is an excellent method in helping to soothe and ease the body. Visit the clinic at Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy if you are in need of help with life difficulties and experience a Relaxation Massage to help you with life.


Sports Massage :

Sports Massage is designed and formulated to have you playing your sport at your best level achievable. It is used in pre-game and post game. AFL football is a sport where the sportsperson is continually running, turning, twisting, jumping and grabbing. Sports Massage is used in helping to prevent injury to warm up the body pre-game and to assist in injury rehabilitation after sport. Sport Massage is also used after sport to relieve muscle cramping and soreness from overuse of muscle. If you are in need of sports massage visit Frank at Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy on the Bellarine in St Leonards for your sports massage needs.


Mobile Massage :

Mobile Massage can assist you with the rigours and responsibilities of everyday life. Chronic conditions can often leave us feeling immovable, frail, weary and weak. Mobile massage comes to you when life is stretching you too far and allows you to be comforted in your own home so that you are able to recover and recuperate to help with healing your body, mind and soul. Mobile massage is available in the Drysdale area. Call Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy now for mobile massage to your home.


Arriving at the clinic -

Driving – Drysdale - drive down Murrudoc Rd until you get to the Bluff Rd intersection which is like a Y coming from Drysdale. Turn into Bluff Rd driving on Bluff Rd until near the end and you will see Mainsail Dr on the left. Turn into Mainsail Dr and keep driving until near the end of the Dr.

It's easy to find once you are on Mainsail Dr.


Bus - Catch the bus nu 60 from Drysdale Village shopping center main rd. Stay on the bus past Portarlington and Indented Heads. Bus will take you on Mainsail Dr, ask to get of at Sandbar St stop. It's a minute walk from there.


Parking – Ample parking infront of clinic.


Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy has a true passion to treat ailments, pains, aches, stress and pressures in life that is occurring. You will leave the clinic feeling that your needs have been listened to adhered to in a warm and calming environment.



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