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Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is only a short ten minute drive from Clifton Springs, the clinic room is cosy and welcoming. The clinic is only a short stroll from St Leonards beach which is great way to unwind after your therapy session in the clinic – walk along the beach and breathe in the sea salt air for an uplifting and soothing holistic body experience after your therapy session. This will make you feel wonderful. Poor posture is a common cause of neck,shoulder,back issues. Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy will provide you with knowledge and know how to improve your posture – you will be able to practice this walking along the St Leonards foreshore walking track which is just a five minute walk from the clinic.


Remedial Massage:

Remedial Massage is a modality which can be used to help alleviate stress the body receives from constant demands we place on our bodies. Our bodies are in more stress than ever before with the demands we are placing on ourselves. Stress from driving to and from work. This places constant demands on our neck, shoulders and arms and also the need of continually being aware mentally strains the neurological muscular anatomy system. Regular Remedial Massage will help settle the nervous system from being constantly aware and will soften the muscles from tightness and ease strain on muscles too. Remedial massage also helps re-align posture so the body is not shorter on one side. If the body stays tight on one side for a sustained period of time. This can become quite painful if not addressed to re-align posture.


Therapeutic Massage:

In this session the therapist is aware that the therapy is not remedial though therapeutic massage which is a gentler form of therapy. Therapeutic massage is more concentrated on body parts than the whole body. Neck, shoulders and arms. Sometimes a client will just want their back worked on in a massage therapy session, the cervical,thoracic and lumbar muscles of the back. Whereas in remedial massage this is more working the posture and realignment – therapeutic massage is softening the body from stress on certain parts of the body and it is a softer form of massage. Hairdresser's often ask for a therapeutic massage for their neck, arms and hands due to the rigours of repetitive work which henceforth strains muscles from repetitive work.


Relaxation Massage:

A great option when you need to unwind and let go of stress and life vigours in life. If a person close to you passes away or there's been many incidents in life and life has become a bit too hectic, relaxation massage is great to unwind and let go of tension build up from stress in everyday life. Relaxation massage is intended to calm the nervous system, reduce emotional and physical stress, ease muscular tension. Relaxation massage helps with circulation and to settle the nervous system is it is not working overtime. Stress can tighten the human body with tension from the nervous system.

Relaxation massage at Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy is enhanced with the use of DoTerra essential oils which we encourage lavender oil or peppermint oil to be added with the base oil. Lavender oil assists with insomnia, as it helps with sleep. Peppermint oil assists with breathing as stress can cause irregular breathing. The base oil is cold pressed almond oil which has no additives, it is a smooth gliding oil which enables the relaxation massage technique of longitudinal slow strokes. Visit Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy for a relaxation massage with lavender or peppermint oil.


Sports Massage:

Competing professionally or participating in a sports club or having your own fitness regime for your own fitness goals. Sports massage can help improve your muscle performance and keep your body in optimum condition. Sports massage is great before or after an event or physical activity or while training for a specific even or playing in an event or sporting game. Sports massage helps people from all age groups, gender and sports.
Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy use massage techniques that focus on the center of the muscle(belly). Working on the belly of the muscle promotes oxygen throughout the muscle and energizes the muscle to depart the excess waste through the blood system. Waste can build up in the muscle that can stagnate the body, sports massage can help push the excess build up of acid or waste out from the muscle and body.

Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy use different techniques in sports massage, ie, stretching techniques as well to assist in softening tight muscle/s from overuse. Mainly focusing on the center of the muscle to help alleviate and soften tightness.


Mobile Massage:

Mobile massage is used for people that are unwell and are unable to come to come to a clinic. The clinic comes to the person. Mobile massage is for people that have an illness or underlying condition. Could have severe arthritis, people with multiple sclerosis find it difficult regarding mobility. Underlying condition could be an end of life illness, ie, terminal cancer or have clinical depression or fibromyalgia syndrome and find moving difficult. This is where mobile massage is effective in helping people.
Multiple sclerosis effects the central nervous system. Mobile massage with people that have multiple sclerosis needs to be applied very softly with long strokes and not intermittently though slowly with the whole hand moving along the body so the central nervous system is not overstimulated or too much physical pressure placed on the nervous system. The nervous system is already

compromised and the mobile massage therapy needs to be person centered and focused. Massage strokes to be long and slow, moving one hand length counting three seconds and moving one hand length again. So the nervous system is not triggered.

Call Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy for mobile massage for your loved one for assistance. Mobile massage is a way of showing that you care.


Arriving at the clinic on the bus – Walking from Clifton Springs into Drysdale ; catch the bus from Drysdale to Mainsail Dr. Disembark at stop 10 Seachange Way in St Leonards for 5 Mainsail Dr St Leonards.

Driving to the clinic from Clifton Springs – Take Beacon Point Rd/Whitcombes Rd to Drysdale Bypass/Portarlington Rd/C123 in Drysdale, this will take approximately three minutes. Take Murrudoc Rd/C125 to Bluff Rd in St Leonards, this is the longest part of the trip – approximately eight minutes. Continue on Bluff Rd until you come to Mainsail Dr. Turn left into Mainsail Dr, keep going until near the end of the Dr – where you will find 5 Mainsail Dr St Leonards. Equilibrium Bellarine Massage Therapy.




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